Thank you to the residents of Kingsand and Cawsand for their kindness, patience and support. Further thanks to John Shepherd and John Cork who provided much of the archive photographs and video footage.

  Leo's Office  AK Tirol, Innsbruck

Leo's Office
AK Tirol, Innsbruck


AK Tirol

The Chamber of Labour represents the interests of employees and consumers in the Tirol region of Austria. They provide projects and services for young people who have fewer opportunities, with the aim of encouraging them back into education and eventually work.

The Rückenwind project featured in the film was created by Leo Kaserer and AK Tirol.




Rame Heritage is a resource hosting a collection of photographs that provide a unique look into the everyday life of Cornwall's Rame Peninsula during the last 100 years. Their aim is to grow the image collection by involving the local community such that the images of the past are preserved forever.



A commercial video production agency, created by James Stier and based in Bristol. Ronin provided the majority of the technical resources used throughout the production.



Manchester based production company, Anattic supported the film by providing equipment and crew whilst shooting in Cornwall.

  Rame Head  Chapel on the hill.  

Rame Head
Chapel on the hill.