After completing the film, the producers have invited to talk about their experience as a fisherman's apprentices, alongside their work with young people. Leo is a professional social worker, now teaching at MCI University Innsbruck. He now delivers talks and workshop about these topics at film festivals, universities, schools and professional conferences. 

Leo speaking to the public at a festival in Germany.

Leo speaking to the public at a festival in Germany.


It's always a privilege to be asked to spread our story; it's so exciting to see the film find a new audience and discuss the journey we took. This story resonates on many different levels with people and communities across the globe, from the shores of California to the mountains of Innsbruck.

Due to this level of interest, Leo is travelling with a screening package:

- A personal introduction by Leo.
- The screening of Last Fisherman.
- A question and answer session after the documentary.

There are two options available for the film. A 55-minute cut for when time is tight, and the original 73-minute film. Both of which include an introduction along with a questions & answer session at the end. As the story deals with different themes, generally the Q&A moves through the following topics:

- Sustainable fishing and traditional crafts.
- Intergenerational communication and learning.
- The good life - changing pace, career hiatus, reconnection.
- Rural depopulation, motivated by economy.
- Intercultural youth and social work.
- Filmmaking - creating 'Last Fisherman' as a first-time producer.

The film is available for display in 1080p on the following formats:

- QuickTime H264 via a laptop.
- DCP.
- BluRay.
- DVD - recommended for smaller groups and screens only.


Talks & Workshops

Leo delivers short talks and workshops on issues surrounding the story. These subjects are wrapped in his anecdotal experiences of living and working with Malcolm Baker for over six years. Whereby he created Europes most successful youth project to help continue a dying way of life and support the development of young people.

Leo speaks with conviction, passion and humour, in a relaxed style. The content is tailored to any length and situation, including more dynamic, interactive workshops with high levels of audience participation.

Subjects for discussion include:

- Intercultural youth and social work, the creation of Rückenwind.
- Local environmentalism.
- Sustainable fishing and traditional crafts - boat building, willow pots, nets.
- Intergenerational communication and learning - the master/apprentice relationship.
- The good life - changing pace, career hiatus, reconnection.
- An Austrian abroad. Intercultural observations with plenty of humour.
- Rural depopulation, motivated by economy - second homes and
- Filmmaking - from youth worker to fisherman, fisherman to film producer.